Overview of the Slot Game “Treasures of the Dead”

It’s likely that at some point in the future, a casino game developer may give in to the temptation of creating a “book of” themed online slot. It’s kind of a rite of passage, like a young guitar player adding Led Zeppelin’s iconic Stairway to Heaven to their repertoire. Lucksome, a software developer, has released a slot machine called Treasures of the Dead, which has an expanding symbol bonus round. The inclusion of the word “the” in the title may come as a shock, but the spawning scarab gadget, which can trigger Hyperlines and enhance Hyperline multipliers, adds to the player’s chances of winning.

Treasures of the Dead is reminiscent of a luxurious hotel in Egypt or an Egyptian-themed hotel with all the trimmings. It’s probably a temple, yet it doesn’t feel at all like a temple from ancient times. When you activate or purchase free spins, you’ll be transported to a separate room lit by glowing braziers and filled with gold money. If they’re lucky, players can win a lot of money because to the game’s Hyperlines and Expanding Symbols features. The sound designers also deserve praise for their work on Treasures of the Dead’s score.

Treasures of the Dead, being a Lucksome slot machine, naturally provides a plethora of statistics information. The default return value is one of the most important statistics, and it may reach a maximum of 96.2% while playing regularly (but lesser settings are also possible). However, this maximum return value increases to 96.22% if you purchase free spins. More specifically, wagers range from 10 pence to £/€200 every spin, and the game uses a 7 out of 10 volatility math model.

Treasures of the Dead follows a tried-and-true format, with the reels situated in a standard 53 grid and the payouts calculated over 10 fixed paylines. When playing Treasures of the Dead, players aren’t exactly spinning solo. The reason for this is that the adventurer Amber Wild (maybe a distant related of Cat and Rich Wilde?) is the highest paying symbol, and she is accompanied by three things in the Egyptian style for a total of four high pays, with the 10-A Egyptian style card royals serving as the low pays. When made up of low payments, a five-of-a-kind victory awards 5–10 times the wager, whereas premiums award 50–200 times the investment. Treasures of the Dead has less than the average ‘book of’ 5 OAKs, but makes up for it with a few unique twists.

Slot Machine’s Features Reveal Hidden “Treasures”

Treasures of the Dead has not only the standard 10 paylines, but also three unique Hyperlines. Look to the left side of the grid, where there are 9 empty spots (three for each Hyperline in the starting configuration). When a wild appears (on any reel), it may give rise to a scarab that fills one of the available positions. In the regular game, a Hyperline activates and gains a multiplier of one scarab every spin after three have been gathered on it. It will continue to function until a victory is credited to the Hyperline and no scarabs are left to gather. Scarab collection boosts the Hyperline multiplier when the line is active. It’s no surprise that higher wagers halt Hyperline development.

Bonus Turns

The Treasures of the Dead wild symbol doubles as the game’s scatter. Any combination of 3 wilds, 4 scatters, or 5 free spins results in a payout of 10 times, 50 times, or 200 times the wager, respectively. One pay symbol will be selected at random to be the expanding symbol during the free spins bonus round. If these unique symbols land on a reel and make a winning combination, they will spread to fill the entire reel. All lines, regardless of their proximity, are paid when using an expanded symbol. In addition, Hyperlines remain operational during the entirety of a bonus game. When calculating payouts for enlarged symbols, Hyperlines use their multipliers in addition to those used for regular line wins and Hyperlines winnings. Scarab births boost the Hyperline’s multiplication factor. The multipliers will not be adjusted until the event has concluded.

Add-On Purchase

Eligible players can choose to purchase one of three incentives during the bonus buy. This includes:

X-Plosive: 100x your wager and anything from five to fifteen free spins with a random number of scarabs. The most risky choice.

Delux: 300x your wager for 10–15 free spins and a random number of scarabs. Option with moderate risk.

The Double Lux feature awards 10–20 free spins and a random number of scarabs that may award up to 500x the wager. In addition, the Retrigger Guarantee is activated again if the player’s ultimate win is 80 times their wager or less. A less risky choice.

Fortunes of the Afterlife: The Slots’ Final Say

Lucksome has a track record of reliable releases, further solidifying the company’s standing as a provider of fair, innovative, and thoroughly enjoyable slot machines. We had great expectations that the crew would do something nimbly imaginative with the legendary format when we learned they were releasing a ‘book of’ themed vehicle. After putting Treasures of the Dead through its paces, we can say that it more than lives up to its billing. Treasures of the Dead combines the traditional gameplay that Book of Ra fans expect with some fresh, contemporary twists that can’t be found in any of the other many ‘book of’ slot machines.

Naturally, the game’s three Hyperlines are a major selling point for Treasures of the Dead. Several advantages make this a fascinating concept, even though purists would prefer to just press the play button and line up wins or expanders. Increased freshness is one, and it’s essential in the competitive ‘book of’ genre. There, the task would have been completed. Hyperlines, however, are not only unique for the lols; they are also good in warding off boredom, as they are available both in the main game and in the bonus game. Additionally, they add weight to the possibilities presented by Treasures of the Dead in a ‘Ra’ position. Treasures of the Dead offers a whopping 15,000x the stake, while most games stop paying out after 5,000x the bet (a la Book of Dead et al.).

Treasures of the Dead has a win focus of 1,000x+ the stake, which is useful information for treasure hunters to know before attempting Lucksome’s games. When you consider the transparent statistics, exciting new gameplay, and respectable payout possibilities, ‘book of’ gamers have yet another credible machine to test.

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